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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Magazine and contents page Analyse

I am going to analyse a selection of music magazines to see what conventions they use and which ones I will use in my magazine.
The first magazine I am going to analyse is Blender which features Fergie. Three fonts which are clear, bold and easy readable are used which is a common convention for magazines. Only three colours are used (blue, black and gold) to keep it simple so they don’t clash.'Blender' is bold and much larger so it stands out as it is the name of the magazine. The line going through ‘Blender’ makes it look edgy and a bit street wise like. It makes is look different but recognisable and memorable. Part of the title ‘Blender’ is hidden by Fergies’ head but we can still understand it as it is a well known, popular magazine .There are hooks for stories that are featured inside the magazine; this is a common convention for magazines to have hooks above the magazine name. 'Women of the year’ is in a coloured bar next to Fergie which shows who the ‘Women of the year’ is about it. There is a bolder and much larger font used for ‘How a bad girl made good' this draws attention to the magazine and makes the audience want to know Fergie actually became good. There are small lines separating the hooks, making it eye catching and easy to read. The colours go in order; black gold and clue, it looks very simple but attractive. Lots of celebrities are named to make the magazine appeal to a wider audience. These are all under ‘plus’ to show that there are more things inside. Fergie is the only picture on the front cover, surrounded by text. It looks spaced out and catches the audiences’ attention. An attractive model is used to appeal to women; they can relate themselves to her. She is standing in a sexy pose and is wearing very revealing clothes, showing a lot of cleavage which attracts a lot of people. Her nails are the same blue as the writing on the page, it is colour coded catchy and looks good and attractive. The website ‘’ is there to give you a chance to look at extra information about the magazine and stories that have been advertised.
Another magazine I am going to analyse is ‘Vibe’ which features Ciara. Five different fonts which are bold and simple are used but they are all very similar; this is a convention of a magazine. Six different colours are used (yellow, green, red, blue, light yellow and white), they are all very plain but are bold and bright to stand out. ‘Vibe’ is bold and much larger so it stands out as it is the name of the magazine. The text curves around her bottom and her chest which draws attention to them parts of her body as well as her bottom and her chest having the light shone on them. The model is wearing a short dress and has a lot of flesh showing which will attract the audience to the magazine. The bar code, price and website are all in the corner of the page away from everything else, out of the way so it doesn't detract the attention away from the rest of the magazine.This is a common convention of magazines. There are different stories that are placed in separate parts of the magazine. The text is shown in different ways , example the '31 ways to ball in miami' is in a dark blue circle, this catches the attention of the audience to this story. The main story is very bold and is in bright yellow writing. This also surrounds her body showing of her breasts.The bar at the top of the magazine has extra information about what is in the magazine. This is separate so it can pull the reader in. This is a common convention of magazines. The title 'vibe' is behind her head, but u can still see the title, this happens a lot in magazines.

I have annotated a contents page from Q.The layout of this contents page is very clean minimalistic which uses three main colours for its colour scheme which are red, white and black. The reason red is used is because its Q magazines main colour and it also stands out above the black and the white colours. It has a large picture of a music band which is included as a story in the magazine. This is a common convention of music magazines. The text on the left hand side are all stories that are in the magazine. They are all bold text to catch the readers attention. All the headings are the same font and colour; black, its looks simple but attractive. Under the heading the the text is small and goes into more detail about the article on that certain page. This contents page is organised due to categories such as 'Oasis special' , 'review' and 'every month'. It looks simple but eye catching. All the numbers are in chronological order, stories are easy to find and this is also a common convention of magazines.

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