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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Preliminary Work

At the beginning of this year we had to produce to pieces of work on photoshop. I created a front cover and a contents page for a school magazine. I don't think this is to my best standard as we only had two hours to produce this work. I took pictures of my friend and used her in my front cover.

This is my front cover. The model in the middle is the main story. The text 'New start for transfer students' is in bold so it attracts the audience and it shows of the main story. My other pictures are in white boxes with titles; this does break conventions of magazines but it catches attention and stands out. I have a tag line and the Heworth Grange logo, which are conventions of magazines. The tag line gives more information and because it has a different colour bar behind it, it pulls attention to these certain stories. I have only used three colours in my magazine; red, black and white, using three colours is also a common convention of a magazine. The title and main story have drop down shadows that make them stand out. I have given some of my other stories page numbers which does break conventions of magazines.

This is my contents page. It has the magazines title at the top as this a common convention of contents pages. I have once again used the same house style colours of red, black and white to keep my magazine consistent. I have used two of the same model as she has been used in one of the stories and I have wrote a small paragraph about who she is and why she is in the magazine to get the readers interested in other stories. At the lower part of the page I have columns of stories that feature in the magazine. The numbers are beside them and are in consecutive order and when there is a cover story I have made it clear and wrote 'cover story' above it, this makes it stand out and if the readers want to find the stories on the front cover straight away, they know where to look. I have also used the Heworth Grange logo as it makes it link with the front cover.

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