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Monday, 19 October 2009

Review on 'your film'

Our media class was lucky enough to have two film makers who set up there own film company to come into school and show us some tips about making films. They made a lot of good points and they were very helpful.

(ideas, storyboards, concepts, crew-up, scripts, planning, permissions, casting, pre-interviews, research,bugets ,define roles and responsibilities, location scouting.

We must plan very well and be creative with our ideas. The story-board isn't the most important thing but planning is extremely important. We need to think realisticly, aim high, and be ready for set backs as a lot of things can go wrong whilst making a film.

(the filming, sound recording)

Stick to the basic plan. If things go wrong just keep refiliming until you have exactly what you want.

(sound design, video capture, music, logging, video editing, graphics, vocie over, design, effect, titles, animations, sound effects, foley)

Stick to your plans all along, dont go of track to much Use common conventions.

Things to remember

Remember camrecorder, disks, memory card, charged battery, tripod and tripod plate. Switch of recorder

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