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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summary of year 12

During year 12 I learnt a lot of new skills. Whilst producing my magazine front cover, contents page and double paged article I developed my skills on photo shop and working as part of team.

Before creating my magazine I didn't realise how much planning would have to be involved. This year i know that planning is a big part of media production work and i will take this into consideration. Handing out Questionnaire's helped me a lot, as I got feedback from the public to what they wanted to see in the magazine. Finding out certain information like colours, fonts and location for pictures is very helpful. I used the camera and photo shop most of the time whilst making my magazine. I had to learn how to use different camera angles and shots in different locations.

If I were to do this project again, I would spend more time on taking picture. Looking back, I realised that the pictures I took weren't that great as I only used the same model in two different outfits ;I should of used the same model with more than two outfits to make it look more professional.

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