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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Trailer for horror film

Our trailer for our horror film will include three characters. They will all be female. As we are only making a trailer and not a film , we will need to include a lot of different locations and camera angles and shots to pull the audience in.

Sarah Maddison - Katie
Jodi Zoric - Angelica
Amy Ethrington - Grace

Possible Locations
Three different houses ( 2 bedrooms scenes, one living room scene, one bathroom scene and a front door scene)

Open field
Golf course

Our storyline is as follows ; There will be a group of three young girls , who ask a new girl at there school to come to there sleepover. The girl who they ask is not like them , she is quiet and into her school work. The three girls are asking her out of fun, not kindness. Once at the sleepover the main girl puts a powdered substance into the girls drink and hands her it. The main girl doesn't intend to cause any harm , she thinks it will just be a joke. The new girl takes the drink and soon becomes drunk/drugged. All the girls think it is funny . Suddenly is new girl trips and bangs her head of the fire place leaving her unconscious, however the rest think she is dead. They hide the body in the forest and try to forget about what has happened, after all nobody new her, nobody would know where she was that night.Not long after, other strange things start happening, phone calls, knocks on the door and one of the other girls is found dead.

Whilst filming this, we will use a lot of cuts, flashes and panning. We don't want any scenes to last longer than 10 seconds. The audience won't know that the new girl isn't dead when they see her being dumped in the forest. The trailer will have a lot of the best bits in and the audience will be pulled in.
We will need a lot of different outfits and different places to shoot the trailer .

Our Roles
During our project we will all work together whilst making our horror trailer. However we will all have our individual roles which we will work on. Me (Rachel Talbot), will do the editing with a small amount of help from the others. Niomi Bolam will work on the planning, with a small amount of help from the others and Rachel Allan will choose the locations and take a large role in the photography. All three of us will work on filming as this is a major part of the project. As I am playing a large role in the film , I will only film when is possible, example when Sarah and Rachel Allan are acting. Niomi Bolam will film parts where me and Rachel Allan are both acting, and Rachel Allan will film parts where there is Sarah acting and scenes without anybody present.

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