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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Front cover for film magazine

Once we had our name for our film, I started to design the front cover of my film magzine. I have analysed three 'film star' magazine front covers. I chose 'film star' because it is a big film magazine company and it is well known.




All four of these magazines have 'filmstar' in the same font and size , which I will do aswell. All four main titles are also bold and eye catching. They all have only three or four colours which is a common convention of magazines, which I will do in mine but with different colours. Magazine 1,2 and 4 all have two texts boxes on the top of thew magzine; one saying new and the other saying 180 pages. This is a common convention of 'filmstar' magazine and I will include these in mine. Magazines 2 and 3, are both a close up of the main people, whilst magazine 1 and 4 are longshots. I will take a variety of photos and see which one looks best with my magazine. Like these four magazines I will make short, snappy hooks to pull the readers in.

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