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Monday, 4 May 2009

Final front cover

This is my final front cover. Overall I am happy about the way it turned out. I think it attracts the audience it was intended to and fits the criteria great.

My title is easy to read and very eye catching. The models head does slightly over lap the title but this is a common convention of music magazines. The slogan 'find your beat', is used it both the upbeat magazines that me and Niomi designed; it is directed to the audience. The main story headline is bigger and bolder than the rest and is placed at the bottom of the page, separated from everything else. It is right underneath the model who is in the story. There are separate stories surrounding the model. The arrow stands out and separates the story from the text, making sure it doesn't just blend in with the rest. '15 sexiest dance moves' is placed at top in a different way to the rest so this is also eye catching and is separate from the rest of the text, making sure it doesn't just blend in. The tag bar at the top stands out '109 best downloads this season', this shows readers that they can get the best things when reading it. I have used three colours; black blue and grey and four texts, this is a common convention and makes it look neat and easy to read. The price, date and bar code are all at one side of the page all together, this is to make sure no attention is taken away from the rest of the page.

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