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Monday, 4 May 2009

Final contents page

This is my completed contents page. I believe I done it well as it flows with the front cover, overall it was a success. This is my final contents page. I used the same three colours as I did in my front cover so it matches. I put a blue stripe down one side of the page and had all my cover stories on this side so my readers could easily find them as that is what originally attracted them to the magazine.I wrote a small summary about my cover stories underneath their titles as these are the most important. On the other side of the blue stripe I put other stories that would be in my magazine, some with pictures to give something other than text. All my stories are page numbered, the cover stories are ordered chronologically but the others are in different orders.I have used the 'upbeat' title in the same style as on the front and tilted it so it stood out from the rest of the text and looked different. I put the date of the magazine in the 'T' of 'The', it is small and doesn't take attention away from anything else, but all magazines have a date to show which month it is from.

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