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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Final Interview

This is my complete double paged interview. I matches my front cover and contents page. I feel I have successfully met the criteria. This is my final double paged article. I have used a big picture of my model on one side of the page, this is a common convention of articles. I changed the picture to black and white and originally the background was blue but it clashed with the blue title. I have made the title blue as it links with the rest of the magazine. The title is a quote form the text and overlaps with the picture.I chose to do it in different size fonts as it is different and catches attention. I used another picture of my model posing and wrote what she is wearing next to her to give some more information. I have wrote a small introduction about 'Alice Taylor' at the start, this is a common convention of articles and interviews. I used a large blue H at the start of this introduction to make it eye catching, this is used a lot in magazines. I have also wrote the name of the photographer and who wrote the article, as this is another common convention. I have used a small blue arrow at the end of the text to show that it carries on, on the next page. The page numbers are in blue and I have used the same 'upbeat' title with exclusive , in the corner of the page.

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