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Monday, 4 May 2009

My interview

I have decided to produce a interview on my cover girl 'Alice Taylor'. She is a new singer who is bringing her first single out. I started of with questions and answers on her past and how she got to where she is, and then followed on to find out about what stage she is at of her career. I came up with this idea as my magazine is about music and my results from my questionnaire showed that my audience wanted to see stories about new bands/artists.
This is my interview.
Alice Taylor has had her life turned around in more ways than anyone
can imagine. She has sang her whole life and now with her first ever single out, she
Shares her ups, downs and how she got to where she is today.
Hi, nice to meet you! For the unsure readers, do you want to explain who you are?
Nice to meet you too! This is my first major interview with upbeat. Well, my name is Alice Taylor and I have finally got my first single out after being rejected many times.

That’s bad to here. What happened?
Well I tried for x-factor and got through loads of the stages but when it came to the live show, I didn’t make it; I was a wreck! I cried so much thinking I was rubbish, but now looking back I was (laughs) well not rubbish but, not at my best. I suppose it did make me stronger being rejected the first few times so to be honest I am glad I did because if I had got through I really don’t think I would have made my single.

So do you feel you are at your best now?
Well no not really. I am much better than I was but I know that in time I will get better, you can always progress. I am always singing and getting help from Kim Chandler, my singing coach.

Kim Chandler, is she the top London UK singing coach?
Yeah, she’s amazing I am really lucky to of found her.

How did your family react when you first got rejected from x factor?
They were very supportive and just kept telling me that if I tried really hard my dreams would come true. I am really grateful to my parents because without them I really don’t think I would be as far as I am now.

How long have you been singing for?
Well I used to love singing when I was little, but which little kids don’t. I used to put one of my Mam’s dresses on and got my dad to video record me, I always wanted to be the centre of attention, singing my heart out to Abba that my dad would constantly be playing. I started taking it serious when I was about ermmmm thirteen. Yeah actually I was thirteen because I got them for my thirteenth birthday. I was over the moon when my Dad told me. I had seen girls on TV with their singing coaches and I always wanted to be her. I have got to say; it was one of the best birthday presents.

So when did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?
Straightaway. I have always wanted to sing. I loved watching Top of the Pops and I danced away to whoever was on, pretending to be them.

What artist or band do you remember being influenced by as a child?
I loved the spice girls. I always wanted to be baby spice, I loved the way she dressed and I thought she was the best person in the world. She always seemed really happy and that nothing could run her to the ground.

How have those impressions affected you into adulthood?
Well I grew up thinking that everything was great and nothing could ruin that. Baby spice had done so well in her career and I believed that if she could do it so could I.

So do you write your own songs?
No not yet, I am just getting over the shock of singing. Well I could use the songs of when I was little. I used to lie in front of the fire and write my own little songs about the pink teddies in my own little town world but lets not go there (laughs). The thought of writing my songs would be amazing so I would love to do it sometime in the future.

What type of music do you prefer to sing?
Pop and R&B, but I do like singing a bit of cheesy old music on the karaoke out at a weekend. I love the karaoke when the weathers rubbish we all pile into mine and have a good singsong. My dad never fails to jump on and sing the most embarrassing stuff; all my friends find him hilarious, wish I could say the same. (Laughs)

What was the best part of making your single?
All of it! I loved getting my makeup and hair done for the video; it was just amazing. The studio atmosphere was brilliant, everybody was so cheerful; I can’t wait to do it again. I had done so many dress rehearsals and practicing, that it didn’t take more than 4 hours to get it right, (laughs) yeah that was a very long day.

How do you fit practising rehearsals, in with the rest of your everyday life?
It’s not that difficult, I just work it around seeing my family and friends. I never go longer than a week than seeing my friends, we all go to different collages and some are still at 6th form. We do all make sure we have time for each other though; even it’s just a quick hello and a little chat. Since I live with my parents I see them everyday so there’s no way I couldn’t see them.

How did your friends react when you got your recording contract?
Well you see, my closest friends were over the moon for me we all went out for a few drinks to celebrate. I don’t have some of the friends I used to have, a few of them started saying sly comments; I guess they were just jealous or afraid I wasn’t going to be there anymore.

We heard you mention that you and your friends were at different collages and some were still at 6th form, what do you do when you’re not singing?
I did start off at 6th form doing a music course but it just wasn’t for me; the course was great but I fancied a new start with new people that all wanted the same as me. I am at collage now doing a degree in music, its great. I have made a few friends there as well. When I first started no one knew that I was going to have a singing career, not even me, so it was good that people were making friends with because of the person I am not for the career.

Looks like you done the best thing then. How old were you then when your singing contract actually took off?
Yeah, am glad with the way things have worked out. Got the best job ever and I’m really happy. I got my singing contract when I had more or less just turned 17, so only about 18 month ago. I was over the moon and couldn’t believe it was happening. I spend days down at the recording studio having so much fun. It’s sometimes a bit cringey hearing my voice back but Jeff and me always have a laugh.

Who’s Jeff?
Jeff Haddad, he’s my manager. He one of the best people I have ever met. Even if my career did turn to shambles I would still keep in touch with him.

Awww right that’s good, does he ever put a lot of pressure on you?
Nope not really, I can tell when he is getting stressed, but doesn’t everybody at work. We just work together and if there’s any problem we just sort them out, there has never been any arguments or times where we really don’t want to work together. Obviously there’s days where we disagree about what I am singing or what days he wants me in but he’s a bit of a push over so it works out all right.

Do you ever feel like dropping out of collage and just sticking with your career?
Nope, I love my friends at collage and without the degree I would probably not be where I am today, my teachers helped me so much I wouldn’t want to drop out now. My manager is saying that my single will be out in America but we will just have to wait and see what happens with that.

Wow America that’s big, are you scared?
A bit, singers in America are so big and well known. I would be the new little shy girl, who people don’t really know. It would be my worst nightmare if I went and was a big flop (laughs). I have always wanted to go to America; really just go to shopping and spend LOTS of money. Thinking about it now, I would be over the moon just for the fact that I would eventually get to go. It would be my worst nightmare if I went and was a big flop.

Well I don’t think that will happen; we have heard you have a huge crowd of fans, how do you feel about being so popular?
It was a really big shock at first; I didn’t think I would have as many fans as I do. I am still getting used to seeing my face in magazines and on the front of CD’s. People stare when I am walking down the street, which I don’t think I will ever get used to. It is exciting though when I actually think how many people know so much about me, ahhh am famous! (laughs)

Well if you think that’s exciting, what do you think about one of your fans making a facebook page for you?
OMG no way! Wow that really is exciting. I never thought someone would do that, I thought it was only the paparazzi that do random things with my life.

Do the paparazzi bother you much?
Depends, when I am out with my friends shopping, they always seem to snap me when I am looking my worst; stuffing a burger in my mouth or my skirt tucked into my knickers. Other than that though they don’t bother me that much at home.

Bet you wouldn’t change it though?
Noooo course not, I love my life at the minute that I wouldn’t change anything, not even the paparazzi. I would be devastated if I woke up and it was all just a dream and I was back to square one, it would be my worst nightmare.

Is there anything you regret about your whole singing career?
Not one bit! I am so glad things worked out the way they did, I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I didn’t have an excellent singing coach and manager or if I had been excepted by the x-factor. I thought my singing career was over, I was wrong; Getting rejected from the x factor was the best thing that has happened.

What are your main goals for the future?
I just want to carry on singing and having a great time. I wouldn’t change my career for anything. If my career says the way it is I will be more than happy.

Do you see yourself recording more R&B and pop albums, or are there different plans in the works for your music career?
Well I love recording R&B and pop so if nothing changed I would still be happy. I wouldn’t mind a change of music; I will give anything that people through at me a go.

Would you consider joining a band?
I haven’t really thought about it before, I would have to have a big think about it. I bet it would be really fun and I would have friends to tour with, I would hate being in a band with a right bitch though (laughs).

Ooo talking about a right bitch, have you got anyone in mind?
Well not mentioning any names but Lilly Allen. I have read lots of stories about her being very bitchy to people, I wouldn’t fancy working with her 24/7. I have never spoke to her though so she might be a really nice person, its just what I have heard.

Everyone is free to his or her own opinion you do find that there are a lot of stories printed that aren’t true though, have there been any stories out about you yet?
Just an odd one about me getting rejected from x factor, but nothing that has really hurt or shocked me.

Well that’s good, Are their any celebrities you would love to be in a band with?
OMG yes! Cheryl Cole, well Girls aloud really. They look like they have so much fun and they are so close. They have been through so much together since a young age ; they were about my age when they started . I can understand that it is hard sometimes so I would love to have people my age to join me in this great experience.

What do you find hard about all of this Celebrity lifestyle?
Most of it is great, there are just times when I wonder what the public think of me and what the magazines and papers are writing about me. I think going on tour would be quite hard as well, being away from my family for so long would be hard for me; we are so close. I wouldn’t get worried though; a tour hasn’t been mentioned so I have a while to come round to the idea.

Are you saying you wouldn’t want to go on tour?
No I would love to go on tour, the feeling that people are paying money and travelling so far just to see you is incredible. I just think I would find I hard being away from my family, I would probably take my Mam with me, I know she would hate it if I left her (laughs)

Does your Mam like to take part in a lot of your work?
Yeah, she enjoys watching me recording. She has always appreciated music and is delighted I have come this fair. I don’t mind one bit my Mam being with me though, she is a great friend as well as my Mam, I don’t know what I would do without her.

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